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Trent Kort is a British national as well as a CIA operative.

Biography Edit

Educated at Oxford and Langley, Trent Kort is covert operative for the Central Intelligence Agency, his bailiwick included a knowledge of ordinance, explosives, and psychological operations.

Kort is at first seen and believed to be one La Grenouille's lieutenants. In the NCIS episode entitled "Blowback", he was revealed to be an undercover CIA agent working to make La Grenouille the biggest arms dealer in the world and use his position in the organization to benefit the Agency which entailed undermining Director Shepard's and NCIS's efforts to capture La Grenouille and dismantle his business. The methods he used to thwart NCIS included trying to kill Tony DiNozzo and Jeanne Benoit by blowing up their car, and trying to divert Director Shepard by using her father and his death as bait. After La Grenouille's death, Kort purged his organization of all his old lieutenants and took control for the CIA. When the FBI investigated NCIS for being behind La Grenouille's murder, Kort intervened and stopped the investigation by revealing that the assassination had been sanctioned by the Central Intelligence Agency. He made his first crossover appearance in Callen, G but has not made appearances since then.

In the episode, Kort is leading an operation to stop a former Iranian intelligence officer working for the deceased pre-revolution Shah who was trying to find a billion dollars that the Shah's followers had stashed so as to finance his reconquest of Iran. The CIA wanted to get its hands on the money before the Iranian could use it to buy weapons that would allow him to reconquer Iran. Kort tried to keep the OSP out of the loop until Henrietta Lange, their Operations Manager, called the CIA Director and negotiated a joint operation with Kort as liaison with the CIA. Kort wanted to interrogate Amy Taylor, formely Amy Callen, as she was the only one who knew where the money was. Callen found her first and, in a showdown with the Iranian and his men, he killed them. Amy then revealed to Kort where the money was and he agreed that the CIA had no interest in pursuing Amy.

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