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Shay Lynn Mosley is the Executive Assistant Director - Pacific Operations (EAD-PAC) of NCIS and the direct superior to Special Agent in Charge G. Callen. After the death of Owen Granger, she was tasked with overseeing the Office of Special Projects (OSP) located in Los AngelesCalifornia.


Shay Mosley appeared in a total of 30 episodes. For all her appearances, see List of Appearances.

NCIS: Los Angeles Season 9[]

In season nine, following the unannounced retirement of Henrietta Lange and the death of Owen Granger, Director Vance sent a replacement to oversee the Office of Special Projects, EAD-PAC Shay Mosley.

Later in the season, it is revealed she has a son, Derrick, a 12 year old who lives with his father. It is also revealed that the father/ex-lover is Spencer Williams, an African-American arms dealer. They had a relationship together before she knew who he was. In 2012, Spencer fled the U.S. with Derrick. She hasn’t seen him since. She wants the OSP Team to help her find him.

In the season nine finale, Callen along with the rest of the OSP team, learn the truth about Mosley's kidnapped son and Callen's promise to help her when they come into contact with a suspect on a current case who is connected to Mosley's former lover Spencer Williams. Upon learning of this information, Mosley sees this as her best chance of finding and getting Mosley's son back. Mosley and the OSP Team learn they are located in Mexico, but the off-the-books Mexico mission to rescue Mosley's Son (Derrick Mosley) was highly dangerous, putting the OSP Team's lives at risk. Even though Deeks is fired by Mosley after confronting her about her unfair, reckless and disrespectful behavior, Deeks still Joins The OSP Team on the off-the-books Mexico mission (unsanctioned) to save Mosley's Son. (Derrick Mosley) however, while the mission is ultimately successful, reuniting Mosley with her son, Derrick and returning them to Los Angeles together.

NCIS: Los Angeles Season 10[]

In the season ten premiere, following the events of the OSP Team's unsanctioned off-the-books Mexico mission, Hetty called a retired U.S. Navy Admiral, Hollace Kilbride to help assist in rescuing them. The OSP Team is back in one piece. Deputy Director Ochoa is sent in to see if the Office of Special Projects should be disbanded and he also brings in a Special Prosecutor from the Department of Justice named John Rogers to investigate the off-the-books Mexico mission. It is later revealed that the Mexican Cartels put a hit out on EAD Mosley and Derrick. She eventually went into hiding with Derrick to protect herself from the Mexican Cartels.