Season Two of NCIS: Los Angeles Season Two will premiere in the United States on September 21, 2010, in the 9:00-10:00 PM Eastern Standard Time slot on Tuesday evenings immediately following NCIS. The season concluded in May 2011.


Series RegularsEdit

Season Two Cast
  Name   Portrayed by   Occupation
  G. Callen   Chris O'Donnell   Special Agent, NCIS:OSP
  Kensi Blye   Daniela Ruah   Special Agent, NCIS:OSP
  Sam Hanna   LL Cool J   Special Agent, NCIS:OSP
  Nate Getz   Peter Cambor   Operational Psychologist, NCIS:OSP
Dr. Getz becomes a recurring character beginning in Borderline
  Henrietta Lange   Linda Hunt   Operations Manager, NCIS:OSP
Hetty resigned her position effective immediately in Imposters
  Eric Beale   Barrett Foa   Tech Operator NCIS: OSP
  Marty Deeks   Eric Christian Olsen   LAPD Liaison to NCIS: OSP
  Nell Jones   Renée Felice Smith   Intelligence Analyst, NCIS: OSP
As of Bounty Renée Felice Smith joins the cast as a series regular.
  Lauren Hunter   Claire Forlani   Operations Manager, NCIS:OSP
Lauren Hunter, Hetty's replacement as Operations Manager becomes a recurring character in the concluding moments of Imposters.
  • Shading indicates that a character is deceased

Cast NotesEdit

July 27, 2010, Shane Brennan announced that Eric Christian Olsen will join the cast as series regular. A second addition has been made to the cast in the form of a recurring role. Renée Felice Smith is slated to portray Nell Jones an intelligence analyst assigned to assist Eric Beale. The character of Nell Jones has been so well received that on November 1, 2010 CBS Entertainment announced that as of Bounty airing November 9, 2010 Renée Felice Smith will join the cast as s series regular. Beginning with Borderline Peter Cambor's role of Dr. Nate Getz becomes a recurring one. Claire Forlani will join NCIS: Los Angeles in a recurring role as Lauren Hunter the new operations manager for OSP.

Episodes Edit

NCIS: Los Angeles   Season Two - Episode List

Episode Number Title Airdate Notes
Series Season
25 1 Human Traffic 21 Sept. 2010  Season Premiere.
26 2 Black Widow 21 Sept. 2010  Kensi aids a mother and child with Chechen ties
27 3 Borderline 28 Sept. 2010  Beginning in this episode Peter Cambor is no longer listed as a series regular. According to the press release, Dr. Nate Getz becomes a recurring character.
28 4 Special Delivery 5 Oct. 2010  Introduction of Nell Jones
29 5 Little Angels 12 Oct. 2010  A kidnapping sheds light on Sam's past as a SEAL.
30 6 Standoff 19 Oct. 2010  Introduction of Callen's Ex-Wife
31 7 Anonymous 26 Oct. 2010  A terrorist group kills a State Dept. Official
32 8 Bounty 9 Nov. 2010  Renée Felice Smith becomes a series regular.
33 9 Absolution 16 Nov. 2010  Part one of a two part episode, the episode introduces Branston Cole.
34 10 Deliverance 23 Nov. 2010  Part two of a two part episode involving Branston Cole
35 11 Disorder 14 Dec. 2010  More of Kensi's background is revealed
36 12 Overwatch 11 Jan. 2011  The episode prefigures Nate's return to OSP
37 13 Archangel 18 Jan. 2011  A DoD analyst is killed because of personal project
38 14 Lockup 1 Feb. 2011  Nate resurfaces having been undercover
39 15 Tin Soldiers 8 Feb. 2011  Arkady Kolcheck enlists Callen's aid to take down a rival.
40 16 Empty Quiver 15 Feb. 2011  The case involves a smuggling group believed by many to be an urban legend.
41 17 Personal 22 Feb. 2011  Deeks is injured in a holdup. They discover it was personal.
42 18 Harm's Way 1 Mar. 2011  Sam and Callen travel to Yemen in pursuit of a terrorist.
43 19 Enemy Within 22 Mar. 2011  A Navy official may be connected to an assassination plot against a visiting diplomat.
44 20 The Job 29 Mar. 2011  Kensi poses as master thief
45 21 Rocket Man 12 Apr. 2011  Eric goes undercover to expose the murderer of an engineer.
46 22 Plan B 3 May 2011  Deeks attempts to protect an informant
47 23 Imposters 10 May 2011  Claire Forlani joins NCIS: Los Angeles in a recurring role as Lauren Hunter the new operations manager for OSP.
48 24 Familia 17 May 2011  Season Finale
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