NCIS - Los Angeles Database

Season One of NCIS: Los Angeles premiered in the United States on 22 September 2009, in the 9:00-10:00 PM Eastern Standard Time slot on Tuesday evenings immediately following NCIS (series). The main characters were introduced in two pilot episodes for NCIS: Los Angeles that were aired as part of the sixth season of NCIS. The season concluded on May 25, 2010.


Series Regulars

  Name   Portrayed by   Occupation
  G. Callen   Chris O'Donnell   Special Agent, NCIS:OSP
  Kensi Blye   Daniela Ruah   Special Agent, NCIS:OSP
  Sam Hanna   LL Cool J   Special Agent, NCIS:OSP
  Dominic Vail   Adam Jamal Craig   Special Agent, NCIS:OSP
  Eric Beale   Barrett Foa   Tech Operator, NCIS:OSP
  Nate Getz   Peter Cambor   Operational Psychologist, NCIS:OSP
  Henrietta Lange   Linda Hunt   Operations Manager, NCIS:OSP
  Lara Macy   Louise Lombard   Former Special Agent in charge, NCIS:OSP

Recurring Characters

  Name   Portrayed by   Occupation
  Abigail Sciuto   Pauley Perette   NCIS Forensic Specialist
  Arkady Kolcheck   Vyto Ruginis  
  Dan Evans   Matthew Grant Godbey   LAPD Detective
  Leon Vance   Rocky Carroll   Director of NCIS
  Marty Deeks   Eric Christian Olsen   LAPD Detective
  Mike Renko   Brian Avers   NCIS Special Agent
  Mowahd "Moe" Dusa   Ronald Auguste  
  Nassir   Tom Winter   NCIS Special Agent
  Rose Schwartz   Kathleen Rose Perkins   Medical Examiner
  Thompson   Jeronimo Spinx   NCIS Special Agent
  Ty   Parry Shen   NCIS Computer Technician

Cast Notes

Several changes were made to the cast during the period between the airing of the two pilot episodes in the spring of 2009, and the series premiere on 22 September 2009. The first change made to the cast occurred when Louise Lombard, who had played the role of Special Agent in Charge Lara Macy, was released from her contract because her character had received a negative reaction from the viewers and was written out of series. The second change to the cast occurred when Adam Jamal Crag was cast as the "Probie" Special Agent Dominic Vail after the pilot episodes had aired. The final cast change occurred in late May when Academy Award winning actress Linda Hunt was cast to portray Henrietta Lange, the Operations Manager for the Office of Special Projects.

Shane Brennan confirmed that Rocky Carroll's character of Leon Vance, Director of NCIS, will appear in as many as ten episodes during the first season.

As of episode 13, Missing, Adam Jamal Craig is no longer billed as a series regular.

The status of the character Eric Beale, played by Barrett Foa, was altered so that instead of being a recurring character he became a series regular as of episode 17, Full Throttle, reversing an earlier decision to have his character be a recurring one.


NCIS: Los Angeles Season One - Episode List

Episode Number Title Airdate Notes
Series Season
Pilot 0a Legend (Part 1) (ncis) April 28th 2009. The Major Case Response Team led by Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs investigate the death of a Marine with the investigation forcing Gibbs and fellow NCIS Agent Timothy McGee to head to Los Angeles where they work with their counterparts, the Office of Special Projects. This episode is part of NCIS Season 6 and also the first part of the backdoor pilot episode for NCIS: Los Angeles.
0b Legend (Part 2) (ncis) May 5th 2009. With the appearance of Mossad agent Michael Rivkin, NCIS race against the clock to find the remaining terrorists before Rivkin can kill them while back in D.C, NCIS agent Tony DiNozzo begins wondering if his partner, Mossad Liaison Officer Ziva David is truly loyal to NCIS. This episode is a part of NCIS Season 6 and also the second and final part of the backdoor pilot episode for NCIS: Los Angeles and also the final episode to have Louise Lombard (Lara Macy) as a member of the cast that was assembled for the proposed spin-off.
1 1 Identity September 22nd 2009. Having successfully recovered from the drive-by shooting that nearly killed him, Callen returns to work for the OSP and finds that things have changed in his absence. As the team adjusts to Callen's return, they find themselves tackling the case of a Navy Commander who supposedly died after being caught in a stand-off between a drug cartel and members of the Los Angeles Police Department. This is the series premiere and also the first-ever episode of NCIS: Los Angeles as a stand-alone series and also marks the debut appearances of new Operations manager, Henrietta Lange and new NCIS Special Agent, Dominic Vail.
2 2 The Only Easy Day September 29th 2009. A drug dealer kills a SEAL
3 3 Predator 6 Oct 2009 First appearance of Jim Rivers portrayed by Rob Evors.
4 4 Search and Destroy 13 Oct 2009 Jim Rivers became the first recurring character not employed by NCIS to appear in the series having previously appeared in Predator
5 5 Killshot 20 Oct 2009 Pauley Perrette appeared in this episode with the episode itself being part one of a two part crossover that concluded on the original NCIS series. This episode introduces Lee Wuan Kai, an assassin with ties to Director Vance
6 6 Keepin' It Real 3 Nov 2009 A Marine leads a double life that results in his murder
7 7 Pushback 10 Nov 2009 Case is related to the attempted murder of Callen.
8 8 Ambush 17 Nov 2009 While Hetty in Washington D.C. Callen and the team investigate the death of a Lance Corporal and the theft of anti tank missiles both of which are traced back to a militia group
9 9 Random On Purpose 24 Nov 2009 Pauley Perrette appeared as Abby Sciuto in this episode which is her second and final appearance to date on the NCIS: Los Angeles series
10 10 Brimstone 15 Dec 2009 An EOD officer seeks revenge
11 11 Breach 5 Jan 2010 Moe Dusa is introduced
12 12 Past Lives 12 Jan 2010 A past life of Callen's has connection to a present case
13 13 Missing 26 Jan 2010 Agent Vail is kidnapped
14 14 LD50 2 Feb 2010 OSP must stop an anthrax attack
15 15 The Bank Job 9 Feb 2010 Agent Blye is wounded while at a bank
16 16 Chinatown 2 Mar 2010 Nate is partnered with Kensi
17 17 Full Throttle 9 Mar 2010 The case centers on illegal street racing
18 18 Blood Brothers 16 Mar 2010 The case centers on a street gang
19 19 Hand-to-Hand 6 Apr 2010 Strikeforce MMA Fighters Dan Henderson, Frank Shamrock, Gilbert Melendez, Josh Thomson, KJ Noons and Cung Le appear as themselves in the episode
20 20 Fame 27 Apr 2010 Detective Marty Deeks's first assignment as the liaison between NCIS and LAPD,
21 21 Found 4 May 2010 A tip leads to information about Dom.
22 22 Hunted 11 May 2010 OSP and CID jointly track an escaped terrorist
23 23 Burned 18 May 2010 Callen is compromised and must sever all ties with OSP
24 24 Callen, G 25 May 2010 Season finale in which Trent Kort makes his first and only appearance to date on the show

Production Notes

Originally CBS ordered twenty-two episodes for the first season of NCIS: Los Angeles, however, the network has augmented their order by ordering two additional episodes, The increase is part of an effort to compensate for the cancellation of several other shows which were cancelled due to low ratings.