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Roy Haines is a former NCIS Special Agent.


Roy Haines is a former Special Agent, and now an intelligence analyst who was brought in by Henrietta Lange to augment Summerskill's team after Danny Gallagher was wounded in the line of duty. He was forced to retire as an active field agent because of wounds suffered in the line of duty.

Before his retirement as an agent he was the Special Agent in Charge of a team that included Paris Summerskill and possibly both Danny Gallagher and Dave Flynn, The team was under the administrative supervision of Henrietta Lange. According to Haines, Henrietta knows what happened the night he was shot and wounded because, she was managing the operation and sent them into the meeting with the arms dealer that resulted in Haines being wounded. According to Henrietta Lange, Haines and Summerskill made a formidable team.