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Mowahd Dusa or otherwise known as Moe is a Sudanese National who was close with Sam Hanna.



He was brought to the U.S as a child by Sam Hanna during a time in which Sam Hanna was still serving as a SEAL on a mission in Chad rescuing foreign aid workers from kidnappers including Moe's father.

Sam was forced to kill Moe's father. Moe was adopted by Sam for period of time but later was handed to foster parents. Ever since, Sam has kept close contact with Moe.

He joined an militant Islamic group called the Talib al Jihadiya after finding out that Sam was responsible for killing his father and is one of Dominic Vail's kidnappers.

He attempted to escape from NCIS but was caught and sent to jail for his involvement in the Dominic Vail case which ended in tragedy when Dom was killed after taking gunfire originally intended to hit Sam.

While there, NCIS convinced Moe to infiltrate an Islamic gang so he could get close to the leader Abdul Habaza.

Sam also infiltrated the gang to provide backup for Moe and a second infiltrator. Unfortunately, Moe's cover was blown and he was tortured for information before being executed.

Sam later found Moe's body in Abdul's motel and was left devastated by Moe's murder, vowing revenge against his killers although Hetty promised him it would come to pass someday.

In Harm's Way, Sam eventually got his wish by killing Abdul Habaza with a UAV, resulting in Moe's death being avenged at last.