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Matthias Draeger is a former German spy and an occasional enemy/ally of Henrietta Lange.



Like many other agencies, Matthias ascended on Los Angeles looking for a little black book that had many, many secrets which in turn could bring down many governments. He attempted to kill or rather shoot Hetty at one point, only for his sudden move to bring the full wrath of the NCIS: Office of Special Projects down on him as a single well-timed bullet from a sniper rifle manned by Sam Hanna was enough to injure Matthias's right arm, forcing him to use his left hand for the time being.

Hetty later confronted him and told Matthias that unlike him, she knew she wasn't in this whole scenario alone.


It was eventually discovered that Matthias had been working with the Russians all along and had been manipulating Hetty too.

After the book had discovered, the OSP team who had uncovered knowledge that Matthias was cheating on his wife confronted the German spy in a parking lot, with Sam restraining him, Kensi holding a gun on him and Deeks using an iPad to show Matthias what they had found. Callen then ordered him to leave Hetty alone or the OSP team would go after Matthias.


The OSP team investigated a murder and later discovered that in addition to being a leak inside the agency as well as an attempt on Hetty's life that their old enemy, Matthias was responsible for the attempt. Upon learning that it was Matthias, Callen vowed to make good on the promise they had made to him five years ago before vowing that they would hunt Matthias down and kill him.

The 3rd Choir

A bounty is placed on Matthias by Callen using his personal savings and informs contacts and gangs that he wants Matthias alive. Matthias shoots a man and uses his phone to lure the OSP team into the open where he then tries to kill them from an adjacent roof.

One gang contacts Callen with a video of Matthias but upon arriving at the house, find the gang dead and Matthias gone. At the scene, Eric calls Callen to say Matthias had just set off an alarm by entering the boatshed. Callen discovers a tracking device on the Challenger that Matthias planted when at the beach, meaning the OSP facility locations have been compromised.

Hetty returns to her office where Matthias emerges and attempts to force her to leave with him to Moscow. He is thwarted by Nell who returns to the office and pushes Hetty from the line of fire after Hetty had goaded Matthias. The OSP team then return to the office and surround Matthias, who then surrenders his weapon to Hetty who shoots him in the thigh. He is escorted from the office by Kensi and Deeks.