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Luiz Perez was a drug kingpin who lived on the outskirts of Los Angeles. He was recently divorced from a woman named Helen McGuire and the two had a daughter together named Emma.

Perez is believed to have been responsible for ordering the execution of Helen's brother, Commander Frank McGuire and he also abducted his daughter, Emma for safekeeping.

Perez was later arrested in a standoff between himself, his men and NCIS Agent G. Callen although Perez knew from the very beginning that Callen was an NCIS Agent, having called his ex-wife, Helen for information in regards to their supposedly missing daughter.

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  • Alex Fernandez is best known by video-games fans for his role as the evil Seymour Guado in the PS2 game, Final Fantasy X and its sequel, Final Fantasy X-2.
  • Fernandez would later go to appear in the original NCIS series in the Season 9 episodes, Engaged Part 1 (episode) and Engaged Part 2 (episode).