Louise Lombard (born September 13, 1970) is an English actress who portrays Lara Macy.

Early lifeEdit

Lombard's parents left Dublin in the mid-1950s. She was born in London, England UK, the fifth of seven children.

Lombard began taking drama lessons when she was eight. She attended Trinity Catholic High School, a Roman Catholic school, from which she achieved nine O Levels. Lombard studied English Literature at Cambridge University and printing and photography at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London.


Lombard is best known for playing Evangeline Eliott, the younger of the two Eliott sisters, in the 1990s television drama The House of Eliott, after getting her big break in the hit series Chancer in which she starred with Clive Owen. Lombard went on to star in the TV dramas Body Guards and Metropolis and films including Gold in the Streets, My Kingdom and After the Rain.

Louise was named one of People magazine's 50 most beautiful people in the world in 1994

From 1998 to 2000, Lombard took a career break to study English Literature at St Edmund's College of University of Cambridge.

In 1998, Lombard starred in the cult classic Tale of the Mummy. In 1999, she starred in the film Esther, with F. Murray Abraham.

In 2004, Lombard appeared in the film Hidalgo.In November that same year, Lombard began a recurring role on the hit CBS television series, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation in season five and six, playing Sofia Curtis, a crime scene investigator, making her first appearance in season 5: episode 7 called "Formalities".

In September 2006, in the seventh season premiere called "Built to Kill, Part 1" Lombard began a regular role held throughout the seventh season, where her character was promoted to homicide detective and in September 2007, Lombard appeared in the eighth season premiere "Dead Doll" and was credited as a special guest star.

In 2009, Lombard appeared in the pilot episode of NCIS: Los Angeles spin-off series which aired during Season 6 of the main NCIS series in the two part episodes "Legend Part 1" and "Legend Part 2". She played Special Agent Lara Macy in charge of the NCIS Office of Special Projects in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, there was negative audience reaction to Macy and as such, Lombard was dropped from the series with Macy being killed off prior to the NCIS Season 7 episode, "Patriot Down".

In March 2011, TVLine announced that Lombard would reprise her role as Sofia Curtis on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation in Season 11: Episode 20, "Father of the Bride" which aired 28 April 2011; her character was promoted to a deputy chief.

Personal lifeEdit

Lombard has a son born c. 2005 and a daughter born in 2010.