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Leon Vance
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Leon James Vance
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Leon Vance is the Director of NCIS.


Initally introduced during Season 5 of NCIS, Vance was the Deputy Director of NCIS under Director Jennifer Shepard. He later succeeded Shepard as Director of NCIS after she died in the Season 5 finale, Judgment Day.

Relationship With Other CharactersEdit

He seems to have an uncanny ability to judge the character of his subordinates, enabling him to assign agents as needed. This was evident when he gave operational control of the counter-terrorism operations chronicled in NCIS: Legend Part 1 and Two to Special Agent Lara Macy, while Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs of the Major Case Response Office acted as her second-in-command.

He also demonstrates no reluctance to reassign NCIS agents when he deems it appropriate. This was demonstrated in the case of Special Agent Macy, who was reassigned to an overseas posting in the aftermath of the counter terrorism operation and the attempted murder of Special Agent G. Callen.

He has made regular appearances on the show, some from his office in Washington D.C while others are in person.


  • In all his appearances on the show, Rocky Carroll has been credited as a Special Guest Star.

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