Lauren Hunter

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Lauren Hunter was an NCIS Special Agent and the acting Operations Manager for the Office of Special Projects during Hetty's absence at the end of season two and beginning of season three.



Lauren Hunter was Henrietta Lange's replacement as the Operations Manager for the Office of Special Projects (OSP). She was personally designated by Hetty Lange as her Successor as Hetty had personally adopted her from an orphanage when Hunter was very young.

Agent Hunter was a crack shot with the ability to concentrate fire in a tight grouping while on the practice range, but she concealed this fact in Callen's presence.

Agent Hunter was respected enough by Director Vance and Hetty to have been read into Operation Comescu.

She briefly served as Hetty's temporary replacement until Hetty returned. After Hetty returned, she left command of ops and presumably went on several top secret missions for the U.S Government.

She was on a deep undercover assignment in an undisclosed country, until The Chameleon who rigged her car with a bomb, killing her. Her ghost was later seen talking to Hetty in the morgue, revealing that like Callen, Hetty had taken care of Hunter when she was seven while also stating that the first time she'd held onto Hetty's hand, Hunter hadn't been able to let go for three days.

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