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Kamran 'Kam' Hanna is the daughter of Sam Hanna and Michelle Hanna and younger sister of Aiden Hanna.


NCIS: Los Angeles

Sam first mentioned her in the season two episode Anonymous, when he told a pregnant woman that he has children too and that he is highly protective of them. Going so far by tailing Kamran for a month when she first started riding the school bus and waiting to give her the Heimlich when she ate cereal for the first time.

Deeks and Kensi were surprised to hear of Aiden and Kamran because of their existence being unknown to them at that time. Only Callen and Hetty knew.

As of Season Eight of the episode Parallel Resistors, she was mentioned as being twelve years old, attending the 6th grade and applying to Keating in San Francisco by writing an essay, the same military academy that her brother attends as well. It is a boarding school, and her father says it is what she wants; which could mean that she wants to join the U.S. military someday.


  • Sam calls her sometimes 'baby girl' or 'my little girl'.
  • Like her brother she calls Callen "Uncle Callen."
  • She had two themed birthday parties: Harry Potter and Disney.
  • Pinocchio was her favorite bedtime story.
  • According to Callen she is too young to have a cellphone.
  • Has Hetty and Callen in her phone contacts in case of an emergency.
  • She plays in little league (baseball).
  • Her dad once threw a princess tea party for her.