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Joel Hardy was a college student at the lecture that Agent Kensi Blye was also at, having adopted the guise of the "Razor Mantis", a hacker who worked for the FBI.

A quick research by Eric Beale found that Hardy, despite coming from a low income family and who was also on financial aid had made some big purchases such as going on a trip to Las Vegas and buying a very expensive 2009 Ducati as well as $20,000 in computer hardware, exposing him as the hacker responsible for posting the hijacking footage online.

As such, Blye went to talk to him and the two even had a few drinks together.

Unfortunately, while going to the bathroom, Hardy was confronted and killed by Hamzi Khan with rookie Agent Dominic Vail later discovering Hardy's body, leaving the young Agent guilt-ridden over what had happened.


  • Hardy was seen wearing his watch on his right hand, suggesting that he might have been left-handed.