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Hetty's NCIS File (Familia)

  • Drives a Jaguar which Nate Getz once backed into by mistake.
  • Is a close friend of Leon Vance.
  • Likes tea.
  • Was once involved in a bar fight along with Callen.
  • Her most prized possesion was a 1955 Porsche Spyder, which was crashed on a highway in Monte Carlo.
  • Has a whole warehouse in Santa Monica for her antique jewelry.
  • Always calls her subordinate NCIS Agents formally using their surname.
  • She is Marty Deeks' next of kin.
  • Is known to not get along well with most intelligence analysts.
  • Re-gifter.
  • Speaks Russian, German, Mandarin, Spanish, Czech, Romanian, Hebrew, Arabic, Magyar and Pashtun.
  • Versed in martial arts such as Hapkido, Wushu, and Eskrima.
  • She is a published author, pilot and skilled X-box player.
  • She has received many awards including a Bronze medal small-bore rifle event (1964 Summer Olympics), the Defense Intelligence Agency Award of Merit, and CIA Intelligence Star.
  • Known places of residences include 1237 Hill Crest Drive, LA plus at least two more.
  • Notable possessions include a collection of Victrolas and ancient weapons in her Hill Crest Drive residences. She also has multiple high-end cars including a Jaguar at the Hill Crest Drive residence.
  • Her social security number is 870-00-1435
  • Owns a French maid outfit
  • Is allergic to feathers (LD50)
  • She ruled Nicaragua for 72 hours once.