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Special Delivery is the fourth episode of NCIS: Los Angeles Season Two as well as the 28th episode of the entire series.


The NCIS team investigates the murder of a sailor with top-level security clearance, after he is found dead and missing a hand in a Rodeo Drive parking lot.


Main Characters

Name Portrayed by Occupation
G. Callen Chris O'Donnell Special Agent-in-Charge, NCIS:OSP
Kensi Blye Daniela Ruah Special Agent, NCIS:OSP
Sam Hanna LL Cool J Special Agent, NCIS:OSP
Henrietta Lange Linda Hunt Operations Manager, NCIS:OSP
Eric Beale Barrett Foa Tech Operator NCIS: OSP
Marty Deeks Eric Christian Olsen LAPD Liaison to NCIS: OSP

Recurring Characters

Name Portrayed by Occupation
Nell Jones Renée Felice Smith Intelligence Analyst, NCIS: OSP

Guest Characters

Name Portrayed by Notes
Aziz Anshiri Navid Negahban
Andrew Peterson Austin Stowell Corporal, USMC
James Winston Matt Cohen Private First Class, USMC
Diane Farley Camryn Grimes
Mrs. Anshiri Naz Deravian
Marvin Jarrod Crawford
Paul (Special Delivery) Kevin Peake
Christie Mellany Gandara
Frank Xaypani Baccam
Durell David Arrigotti
Dane Luke Webb
Private First Class, USMC Kinsey McLean
Proprietor Aalok Mehta

Detailed Summary

Mall security identifies a man running on security cameras until they lose them on video. A guard goes in to stop the runner, but stumbles upon a dead man with his hand cut off. Meanwhile, the team debates on what to give Hetty as a gift for her birthday until Nell calls them up to the operations room using Eric's whistling habit. The team digress on how Nell is fitting in and Callen mentions how Hetty isn't fond of intelligence analysts.

With interjections from Nell, Hetty and Eric brief the team on Corporal Thomas Porter's death at Beverly Hills Rodeo Coach. Porter's hand is still missing, however his keys, wallet, and other personal effects aren't ruling out a robbery angle. Hetty explains that they want to ensure that Porter's death has not compromised military intelligence.

Sam and Callen go to Camp Pendleton to talk to James Winston and Andrew Peterson while Deeks and Kensi work with Beverly Hills PD to review the forensics. While talking to Winston, it is revealed that Porter owed Winston a couple of thousand dollars, but has always paid him back in the past. Winston admits that it was frustrating getting paid back so slowly, but Porter had a business deal he was near finishing. During the time of the murder, Winston claims he was in his barrack, although with no one to corroborate. On the way to leaving, Sam reveals he use to be a receiver, but wanted to be the quarterback. Callen and Sam then head to interview Peterson where they briefly exchange small talk about soccer. Peterson reveals that Diane Farley was his girlfriend, thinking about getting married, but he was cheating on her.

After getting off the phone with Beverly Hills PD Forensics, he explains that the forensics team concluded that there was massive blood loss from severing the corroded artery and jugular vein with a 7-12 inch sharp blade.

Nell and Eric look into the surveillance cameras at the mall. Eric addresses Nell's constant habit of finishing sentences which she admits to knowing about and attributes it to her type A personality, borderline ADD, and control issues with men. The two identify a man holding a satchel and conclude that Porter's hand was severed to get the briefcase. Sam, Deeks, Kensi, and Callen review the details about the case and wonder what is inside the briefcase that someone wanted so badly.

Kensi interviews Diane while Deeks distracts her supervisor with an inquiry about a crockpot. Diane reveals that when Porter came back from Iraq, he became more focused on material items. She also reveals that Porter was impulsive with money and enjoyed having fun with other girls making Diane jealous.

Eric and Nell go through Porter's materials in the car and trace his location from his receipts. Sam and Callen follow up on a receipt from a jewelry store and interview a store representative who sends them to Jacob Rosen's jewelry store where they find a severed hand in the back. The forensics team confirms that it was Porter's hand and the suspect needed it only to send a message. Sam and Callen also notice that Jacob Rosen was old-school forcing Deeks, Kensi, Sam, and Callen to go through all the paper files. Kensi finds that Rosen did business with several jewelry stores on Rodeo Drive, which Eric and Nell reveal that one of those jewelry stores was owned by Aziz Anshiri who worked close with Saddam Hussein and Porter was at one point questioned about stealing valuables, possibly from the National Museum, from a house that was raided in Baghdad during one of his tours. Phone records indicate that Anshiri and Rosen were in contact, possibly about Porter's goods. The team theorizes that Anshiri, being a devout Muslim, took offense to the theft and killed Rosen and Porter and severing the hand as punishment.

To prepare Deeks and Kensi to go undercover as a couple, Hetty provides Deeks a Rolex rumored to be the most collected Rolex ever and provides Kensi with a bracelet from ancient Babylonia displayed in the National Museum till it was raided. The pair visit Anshiri's jewelry store looking to buy an engagement ring and once he spots the bracelet and terminates doing business. Sam and Callen follow Anshiri to a restaurant where they spot several guards and get into a fight with them trying to take a picture to identify the suspects. They identify one of the suspects to be Saleem Al-Jamal who is a major player in terrorist funding to Al-Qaeda.

Sam and Callen interview Anshiri about Saleem's funding and Anshiri claims that he only knew Saleem as a potential client. They switch the conversation to talk about Porter which Anshiri claims also not knowing about him. Deeks and Kensi meanwhile look through Ansiri's residence looking for any connections to Porter's death. Mrs. Anshiri confronts the two where they present a warrant and continue searching with Mrs. Anshiri onlooking. Deeks finds a necklace from Queen Puabi and Kensi finds a knife with bloodstains which Sam finds flaws with the traditional Muslim ceremony of taking down a thief clearing Anshiri and leading them to believe that he was set up.

The team reconvene in the operations room and review the case. They identify the jewelry found in Anshiri's residence and Eric examines the surveillance cameras identifying the same car at Anshiri's place that was at the parking garage where Porter's body was found and the team finds that the car belongs to Winston. Meanwhile, Deeks and Kensi reexamine Rosen's files where they find a that Peterson was a courier for Rosen at one point. Sam and Callen arrest Winston but given Deeks and Kensi's information, they are lead to Peterson who made a copy of Winston's car key. The two learn that Peterson had a girlfriend and Eric and Nell identify and locate her as Ellen Rodriquez. Sam and Callen visit Rodriquez's residence where they find Peterson making a run for the border in his car. The two chase him down bumping his car off the road and exchanging gunfire with him resulting in his death.

Hetty receives a call from Vance who congratulates the team on recovering the artifacts. The team, primarily Nell, throws Hetty a birthday and Nell, claiming it was from the team, gives Hetty a scarf. Hetty invites the team to drink scotch in her office.

Major Events

  • Analyst Nell Jones is introduced for the first time.
  • It is revealed that Hetty has changed her glasses to that of a rectangular shape, reflecting the frames that are very popular at the moment.
  • It is shown that Nell has an annoying habit of finishing other people's sentences.