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Personal is the seventeenth episode of NCIS: Los Angeles Season Two as well as the 41st episode of the entire series.


Deeks's morning routine is interrupted when he ends up being shot during a convenience store robbery. His NCIS colleagues investigate, only to discover that all is not what it seems...


Main Characters

Name Portrayed by Occupation
G. Callen Chris O'Donnell Special Agent-in-Charge, NCIS:OSP
Kensi Blye Daniela Ruah Special Agent, NCIS:OSP
Sam Hanna LL Cool J Special Agent, NCIS:OSP
Henrietta Lange Linda Hunt Operations Manager, NCIS:OSP
Eric Beale Barrett Foa Tech Operator NCIS: OSP
Marty Deeks Eric Christian Olsen LAPD Liaison to NCIS: OSP
Nell Jones Renée Felice Smith Intelligence Analyst, NCIS: OSP

Recurring Characters

Name Portrayed by Occupation
Susan DePaul Sarayu Blue

Guest Characters

Name Portrayed by Notes
Vakar Pascal Petardi
Jeff Versey Brad Beyer LAPD Detective
Santo Perez Justin Huen
Frank Vasili Bogazianos
Deborah Austley Nina Fehren Nurse
Katrina Hobbs Sabrina Perez

Detailed Summary

Deeks runs along the beach and ends up at a convenience store buying coffee. He playfully jokes with the store owner, Frank, but senses something amiss when Frank doesn't respond back. At first glance, it seems as though the owner is busy with a customer, but Deeks identifies a pistol and concludes that there is a robbery in process. Deeks tackles that man with the gun, but as he's forcing the man's hands behind his back, another man comes from behind. Frank tries to warn Deeks, but the man shoots Deeks first.

At the operations center, Kensi comes in leading with what Sam and Callen point out, a humble brag. As the three banter, Hetty walks in and informs the team that Deeks has been shot. Sam and Callen immediately start digging in further, while Kensi asks if she can be with Deeks at the hospital.

Sam and Callen arrive on scene at the convenience store and encounter LAPD investigating the robbery. Jeff Versey, an LAPD detective, meets the two agents and informs them about a string of robberies that's been going on. Versey believes that the case is cut and dry with Deeks getting in the way of upon a robbery in-progress and suffering the consequences. Versye allows Sam and Callen to take over the case and the pair of agents interview the store owner. Frank explains that two guys entered the store, one in the back and one in the front and made him empty the register. When asked about the appearance, Frank explains that he was too focused on the gun in his face. Frank continues, explaining that once the money was exchanged, the suspects waited and were looking out the window which Sam concludes that they were evaluating whether it was safe to leave and that was when Deeks walked in. There's no surveillance in the store as the system is new and has not been worked out. Callen wonders why the suspects Frank alive, which Sam answers that it's difficult to kill someone in cold-blood and this situation might be just what it appears - Deeks being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Kensi waits at the hospital until Deeks is out of surgery and inquires about his condition. A doctor informs Kensi that there were two shots to his chest, with the first luckily missing his lungs and second fracturing a rib but deflecting away from his heart. The doctor assures Kensi that it was a small caliber weapon and Deeks should be fine. The doctor asks Kensi whether Deeks has a next of kin, to which Kensi relays to Callen who relays it to Hetty, who also can't yet answer that question.

Nell, Eric, Hetty, Sam, and Callen work out the details of the robbery in the operations room. Eric explains that the suspects where in the store for seven minutes and drove off in a grey mustang. Callen and Sam evaluate why the suspects took so long to do the heist and Hetty request they pull up cameras on Deeks' residential address. The team spots the same grey mustang at Deeks' address as was at the crime scene concluding that Deeks was targeted.

At the hospital, Kensi sits with an unconscious Deeks when she hears from Callen who informs her on the investigation and that she just became protective detail. Kensi in turn tells the team that Deeks is alive and will be fine. Deeks wakes up, briefly teases Kensi, and then flirts with a nurse who comes to check in on him. Deeks notices that Kensi examines the nurses badge and inquires about the case.

Callen and Sam head to the hospital to meet up with Kensi and Deeks when Eric calls to inform them that the same grey mustang is pulling up at the hospital with them. The pair spot it and exchange gunfire with the driver and passenger of the vehicle. The driver tries to escape, but blows the car's wheels on the parking spikes at the entrance of the hospital and is shot while exiting the vehicle. The passenger manages to leap into a gully and run away out of sight.

LAPD arrives on the scene and Sam and Callen determine that Deeks must have really pissed off some people for them to attempt a follow-up mission in broad daylight. Sam and Callen request a list of possible enemies Deeks made while at LAPD from Detective Versey. Eric calls to inform the agents of the suspects' IDs - Carlos Gusman and Santo Perez which they assume are just hired hit men. Sam and Callen begin to suspect Versey given how quick he was to pass the case off, lack of a protective detail, and the lack of an emotional response to Deeks situation leading Callen requests that Eric dig deeper into Versey.

Callen and Sam meet up with Deeks and Kensi in the hospital. Deeks is given a gun and asked whether he could identify his shooters or anybody that may want him dead. Deeks responds that they wouldn't be doing their job if they hadn't made a few enemies which sparks a discussion between the agents about humble brags. Deeks describes the shooter as small, wiry, and fast which Sam confirms fits Santos' description. Deeks further elaborates that the gun was a .22 and wonders why the shooter didn't get the job done the first time.

Hetty looks into Deeks' next of kin and asks Nell to look further into Gordon John Brandel and track him down discreetly. Meanwhile, Eric tracks down Santos in a bowling alley from social media, instant-upload software. Sam interrogates Santos in the boathouse, which leads to more confusion, but they have Eric look into the burner phone Santos used. With impeccable timing, Eric video chats Callen and Sam and informs them on his findings regarding Versey and how Deeks was the informant on an internal affairs investigation into Versey which, although was eventually cleared, has been passed up for promotion three times.

Callen and Sam follow up on the lead on Versey and they inquire about the history between him and Deeks. Versey explains that Deeks brought him back to reality forcing him to take steps to get sober. Versey elaborates that while he was on a vacation leave, Deeks had woken him up at 3am one day to check on his sobriety. Versey admits that while he doesn't like to admit that he needs Deeks, Deeks is the closest thing he has to a sponsor and affirms that Deeks is a good cop. Versey then hands over a list of potential suspects that have reason to hold a grudge against Deeks.

Waking up in the hospital, Deeks spots Kensi eating his Jell-O as they briefly banter about being shot. Kensi goes through the list from Versey with Deeks to help narrow down the suspect pool.

Nell meets Hetty in her office as Hetty asks for a status update regarding Gordon John Brandel. Nell reports that she has not found anything yet, but she'll keep looking. Callen spots the exchange between Nell and Hetty and inquires if there's anything more that she knows, to which Hetty denies.

Eric discovers the number that has been calling Santos' burn phone and Sam and Callen begin setting up a cover to try and meet with the person behind that burn phone. Callen calls the phone number acting as Kurt Donnerson, a shady lawyer with a questionable background and keeper of Deeks' supposed secrets. A man answers and agrees to meet Callen in a warehouse after Callen leverages Deeks' secrets and the LAPD. The agents identify that the man has an Eastern European and they set up in the warehouse ready to take on their mystery suspect.

Kensi and Deeks manage to narrow down the list to around sixty people, also learning that they've both read comics and have a collection. Deeks is frustrated at himself up about not changing his routine and making himself an easy target.

Nell meets the two in the hospital and plays back the recorded call Callen had with their suspect. Deeks doesn't recognize the voice, but Kensi recognizes the accent. Concluding their suspect is still a mystery, Deeks tells Nell that he's narrowed down the list to three and hands Nell a folder, though with only two suspects written down and neither being eastern European: Ivan Lee and Micheal Thompson. Deeks explains that his personal testimony put both of them in prison in separate cases and they would both hold deep grudges against Deeks, though he highly doubts that either one of them could hire outside help. Nell inquires about the third suspect he's thinking of which Deeks reveals is Gordon John Brandel, a man Deeks shot when he was eleven years old. Nell delivers this information to Hetty and Hetty inquires about what Deeks said about Brandel. Nell explains that he only mentioned that he shot him and Hetty requests she continue to look into where Brandel is.

Callen drives into the warehouse to act his part as an attorney while Sam and the tactical team set up and surround the warehouse from high ground. The meet time soon passes and Sam and Callen begin to get suspicious.

In the hospital room, Deeks wonders why the Santos didn't finish him off. Kensi argues that he may have panicked, but Deeks explains that Santos aimed and with a .22 caliber gun, Santos needed to aim for the head for it to be fatal. Deeks then realizes that if he's an easy target, Kensi, Callen, and Sam would be impossible targets. Deeks hypothesizes that he may be the bait rather than the target. Kensi, following Deeks' line of thought, calls Eric to call off Callen and Sam as she suspects it's a set up to hit the rest of the team and heads over to the warehouse to meet them.

Eric calls Callen and Sam with Kensi's information and the pair reevaluate their surroundings. They conclude that it's the perfect ambush spot, yet no one was around. The two realize that they aren't the targets, but rather Kensi is.

As Kensi rushes out to go meet Callen and Sam, Deeks still ponders why Santos and Gusman would come to the hospital and comes to the same conclusion as Callen and Sam: Kensi is the target.

Kensi exits the hospital and finally gets in contact with Sam who tells her not to leave the hospital as she is the target. Kensi is then grabbed by two guys but she fights her way out until another man comes out with a gun. Before he can shoot however, Deeks shoots him outside of the entrance and Kensi finishes the other two guys off as well. Kensi kicks away the man's gun and he whispers the name Joshua to her. She spots a nurse trying to help Deeks as he heavily leans against the hospital entrance's pillar in pain from jostling his wounds. Sam and Callen finally get to the hospital and see that everyone is fine, for the most part.

Back at the operations center, the team identifies the men who targeted Kensi as Czechia terrorists. It turns out that Kensi helped relocate the terrorist's wife and son, Joshua Maston and his mother Emma. In order to find Joshua and Emma, the terrorists had to go through Kensi. When Nell asks whether Kensi will tell the wife and son about all that has happened, Kensi reveals that she couldn't even if she wanted to as they disappeared three days after she helped relocate them.

Nell then meets with Hetty and hands over the information she collected on Brandel. Knowing the location of Brandel, Hetty sits with Deeks in the hospital. When Deeks awakes, Hetty reveals her knowledge of Deeks' history with Brandel. Hetty also discloses that Brandel died in an automotive accident in 1998. Deeks then asks who he should put as his next of kin to which Hetty responds with her name.

Callen sets himself up

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