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Dracul Comescu is a sworn enemy of NCIS Special Agent G. Callen due to the fact that Comescu's family killed Callen's as part of a feud between the two families.

Comescu's fingerprints were later found at the scene of a murder and realizing just how serious the situation had become, Hawaii-Five 0 Task Force's temporary leader, Detective Danny Williams informed Lt. Chin Ho Kelly and Officer Kono Kalakaua of the development before contacting Callen and Sam Hanna to inform them of what had happened.

Upon realizing that Comescu was in Hawaii, Callen and Sam flew to Hawaii courtesy of the United States Air Force to aid the Hawaii Five 0 team in their investigation which led to a confrontation between Callen and Comescu that ended with Callen shooting Comescu.



  • Ken Tanner- (killed him by fracturing his skull, then tried to cover it up as a suicide via C02 poisoning).
  • G. Callen- (attempted).


  • Comescu's weapon of choice in "Pa Make Loa" is a Glock 17 that has been converted to Full Auto.
  • Craig Robert Young who plays Comescu is originally from the United Kingdom.
  • Dracul is not a Romanian name :) It means The Devil in Romanian.