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Dang was a Notorious Human Trafficker and High-Profile Criminal within Vietnam. A truly cruel individual concerned only with making a Profit, he sometimes feeds anyone he deems to no longer be useful to his Pet Tiger.


NCIS: Los Angeles Season 9

Desiring to make an "Easy Penny" via Henrietta Lange's Capture, he had a Former Comrade of hers from the Vietnam WarHarris Keane, captured, and revealed his survival to her to lure her into Vietnam to be captured by him. He then nearly fed Keane to his Tiger, although he ultimately relented, and also proceeded to brutally interrogate her before handing her off to a Man With Sunglasses to be tortured, with Lange also vowing to Shoot Him. Because of foresight from Lange earlier by leaving hints to her destination, Dang was ultimately subdued by a Joint Task Force composed of Her Former Comrades during her Vietnam Days as well as the Office of Special Projects Team. Dang then Arrogantly Noted that Lange lied about shooting him once she was free. However, she revealed that she had a different punishment in mind, and left him to be eaten by his own Pet Tiger, although not before coldly telling him that “she'll see him in Hell”.