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Corbin Duggan is the former U.S. Under Secretary of Defense (aka Under SecDef).


NCIS: Los Angeles Season 8

Under Secretary of Defense Corbin Duggan was sent to Los Angeles to restructure The Office of Special Projects in response to their failure to catch a mole. Hetty sacrificed herself for the rest of The OSP Team, giving Duggan a signed confession admitting that she's the mole, and was escorted out of the office in handcuffs and brought back to Washington, D.C. to be interrogated.

After Duggan brought Hetty back to Washington, D.C. for an interrogation. He's desperate to make an example out of her for how the country deals with traitors, but Hetty's one tough nut to crack. After Duggan gets nowhere with the interrogation, Secretary of Defense Curtis Oleksiuk walks in the room to talk to Hetty. Hetty asks Oleksiuk about Duggan and he tells her that Duggan requested to go to the Office of Special Projects. Hetty asks Oleksiuk to be reinstated as Operations Manager of the Office of Special Projects but he’s hesitant to do so because there is still a Mole in their office. So she gives SecDef her resignation signed and dated 90 Days from that point. If the Office of Special Projects hasn’t resolved the solution to the SecDef’s satisfaction by then won't even have to ask Hetty to leave and he grants her wish.

90 Days Later, the Office of Special Projects team still hasn’t caught the mole so Under Secretary of Defense Duggan came back to collect Hetty’s badge. Hetty eventually realizes that Duggan exposing the Mole himself would be an even bigger to his career than by taking down Hetty, making him more of an Ally then an Enemy. In the chaos of all the different agencies Locking up different Members of The OSP Team; Hetty, Kensi & Duggan all Meet up at the Boatshed to interrogate their only suspect to find the Mole and the suspect revealed (using Morse Code) that she worked for the CIA. While they are all talking about potential suspects, out of nowhere they get Swatted. Duggan goes out to meet the FBI SWAT Team and try’s to explain the situation and is out of nowhere gunned down by a Sniper. Hetty and Kensi make a watery exit just as the SWAT Team enters the Boatshed.