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Arkady Kolcheck is a friend of G. Callen and a retired KGB officer who now lives in Los Angeles.


Arkady Kolcheck was born October 7, 1953 in the Soviet Union.

Later in life, Arkady joined and was part of the KGB until Operation Cossack, in which Callen was involved, along with his former DEA colleague Ricky Taylor and CIA officer and point-man Ethan Stanhope, against the Russian crime syndicate that was attempting to manipulate the flow of oil from the Black Sea into Europe. However, the mission was leaked, allowing the syndicate to realize they were coming.

He was thought to be the traitor responsible for Callen's teammates being killed in Russia during Operation Cossack.

He left the KGB sometime afterward and now runs a private security firm based in Los Angeles. His places of property include New York City, Los Angeles and Paris. He is also currently a type of Confidential Informant to Callen and a source of information to NCIS.

He is the father of Anna Kolcheck, his estranged daughter born in Moscow but raised in Illinois. She is a former detective with the Chicago Police Dept. who joined the ATF in Los Angeles and has assisted the NCIS Team in some of its cases.


Arkady Kolcheck appeared in a total of 21 episodes so far. He has been present in every season of NCIS: Los Angeles.

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  • His actor, Vyto Ruginis, previously appeared in the JAG Season 8 episode, Meltdown (episode) which also served as a backdoor pilot for the main NCIS series.