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Anthony "Tony" DiNozzo is a former member of the NCIS: Major Case Response Team.


Tony's speciality is undercover work and he's expectionally skilled in it, having gone undercover many times.

Despite having a childish side which includes digging into his colleagues's lives, Tony shows that he does care for his team.

He also played a key role in Legend (Part 1) and Legend (Part 2) where Gibbs passed him over in favour of Timothy McGee to accompany him to Los Angeles to meet the Office of Special Projects team which left Tony dismayed and shocked.

After getting over it, Tony conducted his own personal investigation into Ziva David's boyfriend, Michael Rivkin with Abigail Sciuto helping him although he swore her to secrecy.

DiNozzo was also responsible for Rivkin's death, having attempted to arrest the Mossad operative for illegally operating on foreign soil and for also killing the terrorist cell's leader and also an ICE agent although it was later revealed that the ICE agent's death was an accident.

In the process, a fight soon broke out between the two men which ended with DiNozzo being forced to shoot Rivkin in self-defense.

Despite Ziva's efforts, Rivkin eventually died from his injuries and the events that unfolded afterwards soon prompted Ziva to stay in Israel working for her father and Mossad although months later, Ziva was rescued by NCIS and resigned from Mossad, becoming an NCIS Special Agent instead.

DiNozzo has a relationship with Ziva and it is later revealed that Ziva was pregnant and had their child named Tali.

NCIS: Los Angeles

DiNozzo appeared in the NCIS: Los Angeles Season 7 episode, Blame It on Rio where he met the members of the Office of Special Project for the first time, DiNozzo having enlisted the team's help in capturing an escaped prisoner that had fled during a transfer flight from Singapore to Los Angeles. After the prisoner was recaptured, Hetty informed Tony that his boss Gibbs had been trying to reach him. And as punishment for not contacting him, Gibbs tells Hetty to headslap Tony.

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