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Alexandra Reynolds is the paternal half-sister of Grisha Callen, being the daughter of Nikita Reznikov and Katerina Pulonin (Later Mary Reynolds). She is also the mother of Jake Reynolds.


NCIS: Los Angeles

Alexandra first met Callen and her father when her mother was poisoned to get to Reznikov. In that same period, she was kidnapped by FSB agents but later saved by Reznikov. She was later seen with Jake at Katernia's funeral. The second time she was seen was when Callen and Reznikov showed up at her door to tell her about her true parentage and remaining family members, where she later invited both Callen and Reznikov into her home for dinner.

Since that time, she has cultivated a familial relationship with Reznikov and Callen, even having been introduced by her brother Callen to his girlfriend Anna Kolcheck a while afterward telling Callen that she likes Anna and is happy for them both while encouraging more invites to her. There Familial Relationship has grown to the point that when the Diplomatic Security Service had a warrant for Reznikov’s arrest, they found him at Alexandra’s house. After a brief verbal confrontation between the Diplomatic Security Service and Agent G. Callen, Reznikov surrendered Willingly Despite Objections from Callen and Alex. This was followed immediately by Alex turning to Callen and demanding that he Stop this at risk of her having regrets of letting them in her and Jake Reynolds lives should he fail. The Diplomatic Security Service despite all efforts made by Agent G. Callen made an international exchange with Iran for two American Citizens by handing over Reznikov as Requested.

Despite these events Alexandra has asked Callen recently to watch her son Jake for the day while she attends her shift at work after being unable to acquire a babysitter for him.