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Alexa Comescu was the head of the Comescu family, the archenemies of Callen's family and is a main antagonist of second season. She was shot and killed by Lauren Hunter in the first episode of season 3 after shooting Hetty, who she had taken captive.


Alexa was the granddaughter of the original Comescu, who had been an agent of a Nazi puppet regime during the war. When the Allies started winning the war, a coup overthrew the regime and the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), targeted Alexa's grandfather for assassination. The agent in charge of the op killed Alexa's grandfather and his two brothers.

Alexa's father swore to end the agent's bloodline on his father's grave. The agent was Callen's grandfather who had married a Roma girl during his hunt for Comescu and had a daughter. The Comescus killed Callen but his wife and daughter fled to the US where they changed identities to be protected from them.

The Comescus soon became a business involved in human trafficking and various other highly illegal activities. Alexa rose to become the head of the family and led them with an iron fist although she remains devoted to her family.

She soon set her sights on finding G. Callen to get revenge. She hired a man who was an expert on researching people, to research Callen. However eventually this man was killed.

A long time after this, she was visited by Henrietta Lange who gave her a fake death certificate of Callen in the hope that she would be able to ensure that Alexa stopped searching for Callen.

Unfortunately, Alexa saw through this deception and took Hetty hostage. She interrogated Hetty but didn't get anything out of her.

Luckily, though, Callen and his colleagues, Sam Hanna, Kensi Blye and Marty Deeks gained access to the room.

Alexa managed to shoot Hetty in a severe place before being shot herself by one of her family members although it was later to be fellow NCIS Agent Lauren Hunter who was undercover.

With medical treatment, Hetty was able to survive her severe injury and soon returned to work.



  • Hetty Lange- (took hostage, interrogated, presumably intended to kill).
  • G. Callen- (attempted).
  • Sam Hanna - (attempted).
  • Kensi Blye - (attempted).
  • Marty Deeks - (attempted).
  • Lauren Hunter- (attempted).


  • Cristine Rose who plays Alexa Comescu previously appeared in the main NCIS series, most notably in the Season 1 episode, Dead Man Talking (episode).